Maple Leaf RGS Logo

Why Choose Us?

You should choose us for the same reasons our clients choose us over and over again (over 90% of our business is "repeat business"): because over thirty years of specialized experience has taught us that talk is cheap, and success depends on providing quality service and personal attention at a competitive price. That is what we do. And we back it up with an unconditional guarantee.

Our quality service includes:

  • Removal of all debris from inside all gutters and downspouts.
  • Minor gutter repairs, including: tighten loose gutter spikes, realign/resecure drip guard, reconnect outlet cups to downspouts, etc.
  • Complementary cursory roof inspection.

Quality Service

We have over thirty years of specialized experience in rain gutter cleaning service. We have developed the most effective and efficient cleaning methods in our industry--the Maple Leaf system. All of our professional and courteous technicians are trained in the Maple Leaf system. Our specific quality control procedures ensure our consistent high level of quality.

Personal Attention

Our courteous and friendly staff is ready to answer your calls and emails Monday through Friday to respond to your needs. Our auto attendant telephone system is designed to quickly direct you to the appropriate staff member who can best assist you.

Competitive Pricing

At Maple Leaf, we keep prices low through efficiency in our organization. We never sacrifice quality or safety to lower prices. We have implemented many innovative procedures to increase efficiency and productivity. We also offer innovative discount programs.

60 Day Guarantee

Maple Leaf unconditionally guarantees against downspout clogging for 60 days (except for cleanings scheduled just before or in the very beginning of the Spring and Fall seasons because another service will be needed before 60 days).