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Gutter Covers

Do We Recommend Them? Yes and No.

For individual homeowners, we recommend our screen program (see below) because we believe you will quickly recover the screen installation charge and start saving money by eliminating the need for scheduling fall rain gutter cleaning.

For condominiums and apartments, the cleaning cost per linear foot is much less than for individual homes due to the economy of scale. It could take many years to recover the screen installation charge. In most cases, it is less expensive to forego gutter covers and continue with regular cleanings. We are happy to provide free consultation for your community to assess if installing gutter covers would be cost-effective.

The Maple Leaf Screen Program.

While we believe our screen is the most cost-effective gutter cover available, no product completely eliminates the need for rain gutter cleaning. Our screen works well at stopping the larger debris that typically drops in the fall, but we recommend at least one cleaning per year in late June or July after all the blossoms, stringers, helicopter seeds, etc. have come down. The one servicing per year also provides an opportunity to make sure the gutters are tight and secure.

Our screen is made with heavy duty aluminum in four foot sections. The front edge is reinforced, and we use screws to secure this edge to the top lip of the gutter.

We provide homeowners two guarantees with our screen installation:

  1. If you have any clogs from the date of installation until the following May, we will clear them for free.
  2. For one full year from the date of installation, if you are dissatisfied with our screens for any reason, we will remove the screens and give you a full refund of the screen installation charge (parts and labor).

Other Covers

Many other products exist. Some are completely ineffective (cheap screens, poorly designed covers); others are fairly effective but not cost-effective due to their high cost. We do not recommend spending a lot of money for a product that guarantees you will never again need to clean your rain gutters. A company's guarantee is only useful if the company is still in business when you need them. Also, some of these products make future cleaning extremely difficult, if not impossible, due to their design. We can provide you with regularly scheduled rain gutter cleaning for many years for less than the cost of installing these "never again" products.